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Are you looking for a card reader that fits all of your company’s needs? EBS delivers a number of flexible payment solutions that fits different niches. Cashless payment minimizes break-ins and vandalism, and the system is of course user friendly for both you and your customers. 

Our technical staff has the experience and know-how to tailor make your new card reader system, designed to your needs. We’ll install the system for you, including touch screen and software. If a problem occurs, you are just one phone call away from our competent support. 

Most of our customers prefer to rent the card reader because it makes it easier to switch when new technology inevitably appears. 

We have been delivering payment solutions to nordic companies and organisations since 1986. Back then most solutions was coin based, but we knew that the development of new methods would come. By following the new technology closely, we have managed to stay as one of the market leaders in our area. 

Movie tickets, boat harbours, car chargers, fast food restaurants, sports arenas, cantines, sun studios and laundry rooms are just some of the areas that fits our card readers perfectly. The possibilities are almost endless due to the flexibility of our systems. We also produce our own cards with magnetic strip, chip and RFID. 

Please feel free to call or email us if you have any questions about our card readers or any of the other solutions we deliver. We are always ready for a chat about the your company’s optimal payment solutions.