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CSE uses the Nayax payment terminal for easy and fast payment if you want to pay by card or mobile. Now you can find their I-wall in over 45 countries and they have over 8 million Annual users worldwide.

CSE has brought happiness and joy of movement by exergames to the whole family for over 10 years. By combining exercise and gaming CSE entertain and move millions of people around the globe. Their products fit all ages and even customers with movement disabilities. CSE’s mission is to make an impact that moves with the fun exergaming activities where the joy of movement unites people.

Juha Kauppinen, CSE
Juha Kauppinen, Co-founder CSE

We strive to move and increase the well-being of people, regardless of age, background, or gender. With Nayax we can operate globally our Exergame products and charge the players for the usage of the game.

Juha Kauppinen, Co-founder CSE

Their team includes e.g. experts in sports, games and family entertainment. They utilize the latest technology and educational expertise to develop learning, inclusion, equality, health and well-being.

Their customers include trampoline parks, activity parks, hotels, airports, shopping malls, schools, cruises and sports centers.

Learn more about how CSE is making an impact that moves. 

CSE Entertainment will be exhibiting at: IAAPA EXPO UK, Trade Show 13 – 15 september 2022.

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