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EBS has provided payment solutions to the nordic market since 1986. Back then we made systems for paying with coins, but as technology changed fast, it was soon evident that different solutions could actually be adapted to the individual customers needs and wants. Today we have a variety of payment solutions that are effective and safe to use.   

Payment device by telephone is the latest addition to our product range. There are many advantages with this system in terms of security and efficiency. Our developers have the opportunity to tailor the payment device by telephone to your company’s needs and wants. We recommend that you rent the devices since new solutions are coming fast and strong,  and this way you can easily upgrade you system and devices when the come along. 

In addition to payment device by telephone, we can also deliver payment solutions for areas such as boat harbours, fitness centers, cantines, tanning studios and supermarkets, to name a few. If needed we can also produce our own plastic card with magnetic stripe, chip and RFID. 

All of our systems are designed to be user friendly and the support is just a telephone call away if anything goes wrong. Please have a look around our site and read about the different options you can choose between. 

Also feel free to contact us on telephone or email if you have any questions or if you want to learn how we can tailor make the payment solution to your business needs. Our developers are always ready for a new and exciting challenge.