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Are you searching for a payment solution that works even if you are not there? Or maybe you want a payment solution for the company’s cantine? EBS don’t only have the knowledge and experience, our developers are flexible and always looking for a better payment solution based on your needs and wants. 

It all started with systems for paying with coins, and since then we have kept our ears to the ground. The challenge for our developers is to always be on the forefront of technology and to offer our customers the best possible payment solution available. 

Most of our customers prefer to rent terminals or machines as opposed to buy them. The technology is being improved every year, and by renting you can easily upgrade to a better system when available. Our developers are also working on existing systems and can adapt these to your needs. 

Our NoCash Touch payment solution will take care of your customers while you do more important tasks. This system is perfect for indoor environments such as tanning studios, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, sports arenas and cantines, to mention a few. 

We also develop and produce plastic cards for you internal payment solution, and they come with a magnetic stripe, chip and RFID. All we require is that you tell us what you need, and our developers will tailor make the system for you. 

Please feel free to contact us on telephone or email if you have any questions or would like to hear how we can make the optimal payment solution for your company.