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Are you looking for a payment terminal that is easy to use, efficient and above all, safe? EBS has been working on effective payment terminal solutions since 1986. Back then when we had a cash system developed for coins, and since then we have been keeping up with new technology. 

Today we deliver different payment terminals to businesses and organisations based on their different needs. Our systems are developed to be flexible. We can tailor the payment solution depending on what you need and want. 

Most of our customers rent payment terminals because it makes it easier to upgrade when new technology and products arises. Our developers are always looking for new ways to upgrade and adapt payment solutions to fit the changing needs of our customers. 

If you choose to rent a payment terminal from us, you will have several systems to choose from, depending on what you need. With our No Cash Touch you get a payment terminal that takes care of your customers when you are busy doing other tasks. This is a user friendly and flexible system. No Cash Touch works well in tanning studios, laundry rooms, movie theaters, fast food restaurants, cantines and camping sites, to name a few. 

Another system we deliver is called Nayax. With this solution, that works well in arenas, boat harbours, sun studios and cantines, your customers can easily and safely pay with their mobile phones. 

If you have any questions about our payment terminals and solutions, you can contact us on telephone or e-mail. We look forward to hear from you.