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Installation completed. Owner of Solarium Studio Sunbody Oy, Kirsi, posing with sales technicians at EBS Finland, Antti (left) and Sami in front of Nayax Cashless Payment System.

Solarium Studio Sunbody Oy in Hämeenlinna needed a new payment system which offered their customers various cashless payment options. They chose Nayax VPOS Touch

Installation of Nayax VPOS Touch

Nayax VPOS Touch is a complete M2M telemetry and cashless payment solution ideally suited for unattended machines in multiple markets.

Nayax VPOS Touch accepts all cashless payments and transmits data in real time. 

  • Debit and Credit Cards
  • Mobile and NFC Payments
  • Prepaid cards and closed environment solutions
  • Swipe, Contact and Contactless
  • QR codes
Solarium Studio Sunbody in Hämeenlinna has installed cashless payment.

In the video below, Kirsi (owner of Solarium Studio Sunbody Oy), demonstrates how their sun tanning customers can pay cashless on Nayax VPOS Touch.

Solarium Studio Sunbody storefront
Storefront of Solarium Studio Sunbody in Hämeenlinna.